The Trust


Aids persons (primarily those who are residents of the United Kingdom) who are in need of education or care, whether wholly or partially, including those who are ill, disabled or injured, old and infirm or children with special needs. Such aid will be given through making grants to the providers of care such as Institutions and Homes. The Trustees’ policy is to devote the greater part of their available income to the foregoing needs with a smaller part going to particular charitable objectives chosen by the Settlors of the Trust personally during their lifetime or known to meet their wishes, including certain scholarships.The Trustees individually identify potential recipients for donations who fall within the Trust’s objectives during the year. Each of the potential recipients is considered by the Trustees collectively and if a grant is approved an appropriate donation is determined. Since the Trustees identify sufficient potential recipients to whom to distribute the whole of the income of the Trust, the Trustees do not wish to receive unsolicited applications for grants.The Trustees continue their policy of visiting or otherwise contacting recipients of grants to ensure that the anticipated benefit has been realised from the grant.

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