Objectives and activities for the public benefit


The Trustees confirm that they have referred to the guidance contained in the Charity Commission’s general guidance on public benefit when reviewing the Trust’s aims and objectives and in planning future activities and setting the grant making policy for the year.

The Trust carries out these objectives by providing grants to institutions which are UK registered charities and whose objectives comply with the Trust’s criteria. Whilst the Trustees are mindful of their own obligation to ensure that the Trust benefits the public generally, they take some assurance from the fact that recipients of grants are themselves regulated to ensure that they operate for the public benefit.

Potential recipients of grants are identified by the Trustees individually in areas where it is perceived that public benefit will be achieved. The opportunity to benefit is not restricted in any way except that grants are restricted to bodies registered in the UK, (not least to facilitate the Trustees being able to follow up on the efficacy of the grants made) and the recipients should have a charitable need.


The Hon. Mrs Nicholas Wallop M.B.E. (Chairman)
Richard Mason
Bartholomew Peerless
Harry Wallop
The Hon. Nicholas Wallop
Mrs Victoria Wallop

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